One platform to rule them all

The first 100% SaaS solution allowing automation and real time control of home deliveries, specially designed for omnichannel retail.


Perfect and unified customer experience


Complete digitization of the tracking of your deliveries


Real time data visualization


Fast deployment and immediate ROI

The platform

Our MOTHERSHIP solution, specially designed for omni-channel retailers, allows you to regain control of deliveries from all your stores thanks to a unique platform.

One integration to MOTHERSHIP is enough to deploy your business wherever you own stores. All this without breaking any of your commitments: you keep the transport providers you want, where you want.

With our 250 native carrier integrations which today cover 3000 locations worldwide, we guarantee a fast deployment of your Ship From Store network.

Drive your omnichannel deliveries

Managing your Ship From Store shipments has never been easier! Whether from e-commerce orders or directly at the checkout counter, MOTHERSHIP helps you to reconcile and direct them as you see fit.

Use one of MOTHERSHIP's native integrations, to directly offer Ship From Store delivery to your e-commerce site, or use our Web order interface.

Your teams benefit from a dedicated interface to track all deliveries from their stores: whether e-commerce or in-store.

No matter where your deliveries come from, our technology pools them and assigns them to the designated service providers.

Build your carrier network
The local carriers that you work with are natively present in MOTHERSHIP for an instant deployment.

If your transport partners have not yet joined our network, MOTHERSHIP connects quickly to their systems to capture all the information needed for your monitoring, without changing their work habits.

In addition, we contribute to the digitization of your subcontractors and your delivery employees, by providing them with our mobile application, COPILOT. This way we can transmit you all the follow-up data you lacked!

All your transport partners are then connected to a single platform, MOTHERSHIP, that you control.
The monitoring is homogenized, everywhere, for everyone and your management 100% simplified.

Don't have local carriers? can help you!
Manage your points of sale

Our system takes into account the parameters of each of your stores: opening hours, order picking times, location access info... to manage the complexity of your Ship From Store deliveries.

For this, MOTHERSHIP offers you a wide-range of customization in configuring your points of collection so that your deliveries are always perfectly adapted to the store of origin.

In addition, you have complete control over the shipping companies associated with your stores and the rules that will define the frequency or priority at which they will receive your deliveries: company exclusivity at a store level, hourly/daily quotas, extra fleet for peak times, etc.

Once your rules and constraints are defined in the MOTHERSHIP interface, its intelligent dispatch engine automatically orchestrates the deliveries by optimizing in real time the allocation to the appropriate carriers, at the level of each store.

Offer a seamless experience to your customers
If you use multiple local carriers, the experience of your customers is usually uneven: some do not receive any follow-up information, others receive some, but it can be unorganized and inconsistent!

With MOTHERSHIP, you regain control over the delivery experience you offer your customers. Regardless of the designated carrier, store or location, all notifications are generated by and are the ones you have written: SMS and emails integrating your own HTML.



For an even more qualitative experience, generates a white label tracking page, fully customizable in your colors, so that your customer never leaves the realm of your brand.

Follow the performance of your deliveries
MOTHERSHIP automatically restores all data on your deliveries. No more raw data, or just no data.
Thanks to our technology, all your deliveries are timestamped and measured in real time.

Have a custom dashboard that lets you track and share your KPIs to improve your delivery services.

Our Technology
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