Instant or chosen e-commerce delivery

Ship to your e-commerce customers wherever you have stores, relying on our network of professional carriers.

The benefits of our platform

Negociated rates
Get the best rates from select local carriers.

Real time
You and your customers can track the status of your deliveries at any time.

Customer service 7/7
A dedicated team to ensure a perfect customer experience.
ROI & Reporting
Measure the quality, trends and impact of the service on your business.
How it works

Offer Express by to your e-commerce customers immediately the same day, or at the time slot of their choice.

Rely on a fleet of professional carriers handpicked by teams to ship orders wherever you own stores. 

Simple and quick to set up, our solution allows you to boost your conversion rate and retain your customers.

E-commerce integration

Our API integrates seamlessly with your e-commerce site. Your customer simply chooses his delivery window without ever leaving your site.

Real time inventory check, selection of the store from where to send the order, the API offers a range of possibilities that fit perfectly your business vertical.


A customer store too crowded?

Offer him our Hands Free Shopping solution


Real time tracking

Follow the progress of all your deliveries in real time. You can also configure a callback URL to make all this information accessible directly from your website. 

Signature, photos, comments, timestamped at each stage of delivery etc. are available at any time for your and your customers' peace of mind. 


Homogeneous experience
for the customer

Why should your Brand experience stop right after purchase?
At we believe that the shopping experience must continue all the way to your customers' doorstep. 

Thanks to our platform you can decide what notifications will be sent to your customers: SMS and emails including your HTML, and a white label tracking page.

Do you need a special service for your delivery?

With the most diversified fleet on the market, our API also offers native additional services that we can turn on for you:

Additional handler
Livraison à l’étage dans le domicile
Eco-friendly vehicles
The network is now available in more than 3,000 locations around the world and is continuously growing.
Discover where we already operate!

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