The premier Ship from Store software for omnichannel retail

Launch and scale same-day shipping from any of your stores, anywhere, and give your customers an unmatched delivery experience

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With, take away the guesswork... Control your deliveries by the meter and the second.

From a single platform, MOTHERSHIP by turns the management of your deliveries into a real pleasure.

Don't chase after your data, it is all waiting in the same place, regardless of the store or carrier!

100% SaaS


Integration of your internal couriers and your existing service providers



Real-time dispatch and decision-making


Perfect and unified customer experience


Geo-localized tracking


Cost and quality management



"Thanks to the flexibility of the solution and the operational expertise of the teams, the technology has been able to seamlessly adapt to our tools and processes, allowing us to be operational in just one month. This technology allows us to offer a premium service, and it is a real vector of satisfaction for our customers "

Jonathan Attali
Chief Digital Officer, Etam


"From the beginning of our collaboration, has been proactive and quick to respond to our requests, which has allowed us to establish a true relationship of trust. With the technology, we are now offering a quality delivery service to La Maison du Chocolat customers at a very reasonable price."

Florent Billioud
Commercial Director, La Maison du Chocolat

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integrated carriers

urban markets covered around the world

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